Friday, October 26, 2012

word verification on comments

I dumped it!  I know, risky right?  But I hate verifying when I leave comments.  The photos they use for them really down right fail and I usually have to try a half dozen times cuz I cannot read the number or tell if the letter is capitalized or not.  They are awful and I hate them.  Okay, I don't hate them, they just are the biggest pain.  So, if there are nasty messages left on here I'll just delete them.  We'll see!  Has not happened yet.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today is the greatest... I've ever known.  I know I've said that before.  But I'll say it again.  Actually I've sang that many times before:  Smashing Pumpkins!

It was a regular day full of wow, scolding, humility, frustration, exploration, work, etc etc.  It was just plain old busy.  The days that were familiar to me a couple years ago.

I am watching my nephew 3 days a week.  During this time I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a baby.  He is now 4 months old.

This set up is very similar to 2 years ago!  However, I am definitely less stressed out without worrying about my baby and spending time at the pump or nursing.  But, I am finding a lot the day time to be busy as it was then.

I've also said this before: Being home is more work than actually going out of the home to work.  It is non-stop.  The difference? I am less stressed because I am getting this work here done, whereas before it was piling up and stressing me out!

The past week I worked like a mad-woman to get the house in more order.  Joe and I threw around the idea of re-arranging the rooms and getting the office moved upstairs.  Really, we just needed to re-establish an office.  Since having Evan we have not had one.  We had a nursery.  And that was fulfilling!  Now we no longer have a nursery.  I touched on this in the last post.  And, as promised, I took pictures.  I realize it is not new for some of you close readers, but for those of you who aren't, then you can see where I am. I always imagine the setting of the writers and when I see the reality (including a picture of the writer) it is usually such a shock but then I can imagine their life more.  I like that: Makes it more complete.

 The new office needs repainting, but good enough for now!  Joe plays his video games in here now, so we have 'together time' at night singing and talking or whatever comes about...Not romantic by any means!!  But I do like being in the same room with him!  (call me crazy!)
 Going down the stairs which faces you north - don't give me that, everyone should know their directions, there are only 4 of them: The sun comes up or we say 'rises' in the east, you know, by New York, and goes down or we say 'sets' in the west, you know, by California.  Pay attention.  Sure, there are 2 other directions...South produces sun throughout the day.  When you face north you have the sun behind you.  Go around your house mid-day, what side has shade?  Okay, there is sarcasm in there, but seriously, after making yourself learn it you will have it down: "Never Eat Shredded Wheat"... - take a right turn and you see this: our living area down stairs.  Yes, we could use wall art above the sofa.  I'm on it.
 Did you see the toys behind the couches?  This is the play room area.  We are now facing south.  That door is to the furnace room.
 But, if you take a left when entering the toy room you will come to the big boys' old room, now Cal's room:  This window faces east, which will not be ideal next summer...since, you know, the sun RISES in the east...okay, I just know a lot of people don't know their directions and I'm on a campaign to change that.
 Those items in the window are Cal's special ones.  The clown was given to him right before his OHS by a local church.  Pooh Bear is from my friend and former boss, Nancy.  The bunny?  Hmm, I cannot remember but probably Grandma JoJo, and the elephants:
 That cute one was from me when we went to San Diego in March/April of 2010.  It was for my baby whom I didn't know and thought maybe was a girl.  I got an elephant from my cousin Angel when I was a baby.  I gave it to her oldest daughter Hailee.  I'm guessing she no longer has it, but I chose this toy based on that memory.  The prayer Calvin and I received from his Great-Grandma Jan (Joe's maternal grandmother) when I was pregnant with Calvin.  It means a lot to me.  That white, blurry kitty was from Grandma JoJo when Calvin was in the hospital last year.  I think I remembered all of that correctly!
 The mural was painted by my friend AJ.  She is an elementary art teacher in Somerset.  A very talented artist and loves painting murals.  She did this before Nolan was born.  It is so nice!  Calvin loves the tractor, too.
 The dino poster needs to come down and put up in the other room.  Evan got it from the MN Science Museum last year, from his dad.  The big tiger is from a neighbor, Alex.  She got it for Calvin, it is his Hobbes!  Scout in the corner of the crib says "Good night, Calvin" and sings his name and other stuff.  It was a gift for Calvin from his aunt and uncle Rae Ann and Chris.
The following photo shows the giant pumpkin in the garden.  If only the real thing were that weed free in the summer!
 My rocking chair!  I purchased that right after Evan was born.  There are months worth of time I spent in it nursing the boys.  Tonight as I rocked Calvin I thought about the fact that one day I will no longer feel the weight and warmth I cherish when I sit there.  Sadness!
 Okay, the new room!  This used to have the bed to the north (which is our right), the couch and desk from the first photo, and a bunch of other useless stuff.  It was the catch all room.  It is much better now!
 My first quilt.  I made it for Evan after I had Nolan.  I want to make Nolan one this next year.  Probably something with cowboys or trucks...or both and then some!

Evan loves pillow pals!
 Speaking of Evan, he lost his first tooth today!  He got a new molar a few weeks ago, so he still has the same number of teeth!  This is a first for me, too!  Love being a mom!
More next time!  Lots of photos and another supplement post are very soon to come...

New Page!

Hello All,
I made an "Ailts Family" page through Facebook.  Whether or not you are 'friends' with me (which why wouldn't you be?! LOL) you can still visit there and be sure to "Like" it so you keep up with new posts.  I plan to use that space for quick things I would have normally posted here.  It is just much quicker to do so there.  BUT, this blog will still be the place I do my writing and such.  Which I wanted to share: pictures coming and I plan to update about my stomach and Cal's supplements.

(Click here to go to the page)

And, Becky, you'd love Fb!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back To The Future

I can feel more blog posts in the future, you know, like two years ago.  Love it!  Lots of pics to share :) I'll start with today.

So, yes, I'm still up.  It's only 8.  And I have a lot of photos to edit.  But first:  After my morning senior session 2 boys came to play with my big boys.  One from a family of 9 and the other my nephew.  They had a lot of fun on a nice day.  Unfortunately I did not get outside as much.  We are re-arranging the house.  Calvin is now in the old boys room (and it is super cute with the mural on the wall my friend AJ painted about 4 years ago - blue tractor in a field with a barn, tree, giant pumpkin, and big sun - I'll put a photo up next round).  The two older boys scooted across the basement and are now in the old junk pile/my old office room.  I am now up in the nursery.  Strange really.  I was hesitant.  I was worried I'd feel sadness over ending the nursery room.  But, it can always go back - though Joe is not in agreement so probably not :(  However, at the same time, while moving it all around I realized it wasn't the sadness over not having another baby, it is sadness over my babies moving on and getting older.  That is what is the hardest of all.

Joe did point out how smooshed the carpet is that was in front of the crib.  "Hours spent here".  I thought is was sweet he was thinking about it.

Anywhoo, here are some pics from our day: Cal playing with boy toys (I still catch myself reflecting on my fear that he would be so different from Ev and Nol - nope!  He even makes a motor noise when he drives them).  And, some pics of the boys at lunch and Nol and Cousin Collin taking a much needed bath after an hour in the sand pile.

 Evan discovered a loose tooth on the way home.  He is eating an apple to try and get it to come out!  Very exciting!  He also got a new molar a month ago.  It is fun to feel excited about these things the way I did when he reached milestones as a baby/toddler.


This blog SCREAMS of neglect!  Good thing it isn't a person!

Life here is finally settling down a tad.  Well, I'd like to think so anyways.  There are moments I've wanted to come here and spew my negativity but I get over it.  That's not much fun nor the parts I care to remember.  When I'm 80 I'll enjoy looking back on all this.  Maybe I'll write a book when I'm sitting in my chair on the front porch.

Yep, I'm a dreamer like that.  When I was pregnant with Evan I would always lay awake in bed, dreaming of my new baby.  All the snuggly parts like holding and rocking him, if it was a girl this, or a boy that.  Yeah.  Then he came a long and completely rocked my little dream world right in to reality.

I sometimes find a fair share amount of joy in thinking I'm not the only one who went through that.  Then, I think of the lesson I learned when I shared that with my dad and he kindly asked me, "do you find pleasure in other peoples struggles" or something like that.  It was a great question.  No, I don't.  But, I do like knowing I'm not the only one who has gone through something.

Take Calvin for example.  I don't wish heart ache on anyone.  But, we learn so so much when we actually have to experience pain and hardship.  Don't we?  Amen to that!

One thing that always catches my breath is when people say "God never gives us more than we can handle".  That is not true.  God designed for us to fail and wail.  It is during these toughest moments these past 5 years that I have been crawling the ladder up to God.  Sure, I get stuck.  Or I fall.  Sometimes I stand there staring at my feet when I should be looking up for my next grasp.

Life is hard.  I learned early on in life this is how it is.  But with that I learned coping mechanisms.  I take those lessons and teach them to my own kids.

For example: Life is not fair.  So, when we have a treat, say M&M's or something, I do not count them out to make sure the boys each have the same amount.  I do my best and no matter what, Evan is looking at Nolan's bowl making an educated guess as to whether or not his is good enough in comparison.  If I hear whining I tell them they get what they get and they don't throw a fit or their M&M's go 'bye-bye'.  Then, usually Evan, will decide it is good and moves on.

Evan is my reflector, in more ways than one.  He talks through every situation.  He talks more than I do.  I so often catch him leading his thoughts with "it's okay because".....This is so wonderful to this mothers ears.  I know he will cope in life.

In fact, he did yesterday.  It has been a bit rainy here.  He told me after school yesterday that they had to run in gym class.  "I got a starburst because I didn't stop."  I asked him how far?  "10 minutes.  Or 15." I told him that was far and it must have been tough. "Yep it was, but I kept saying 'You're a star.  You're gonna play football some day'."

It's not that I'm proud of the football player part, I'm proud of him for knowing how to handle a tough situation.  We can work with that!

Well, I'm ready for a nap.  It is 5:30am.  I am running on little sleep these days.  It is my own fault, sort of.  Busy with photography and stuff around the house and Calvin keeps waking up earlier and earlier.

Calvin has another little cold.  I'd say he's been full of mucus for about 5 weeks now.  His ear tubes are helping and now that he's a little older I think we can avoid major lung problems.  My goal for the winter is zero antibiotics.

Calvin is doing very well otherwise and one of my next posts will include pix of him along with a little video or 2 or 3.  Right now I'm in the dark and need to get the videos off my phone.  Too lazy at the time!

I hope the blog is feeling cared for a bit (though it misses pictures I'm pretty sure)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Belated 4th Birthday, Nolan!

My youngest brother David moved home from Florida so we celebrated his return, his birthday, and Nolan's birthday with a small get-together at my parents the first Saturday of September.

 The projectile chew, a true story:

"How old are you Nolan?"


My older brother Jason just got biffed by the frisbee - just as I was snapping the photo!

 It couldn't be any better!