Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back To The Future

I can feel more blog posts in the future, you know, like two years ago.  Love it!  Lots of pics to share :) I'll start with today.

So, yes, I'm still up.  It's only 8.  And I have a lot of photos to edit.  But first:  After my morning senior session 2 boys came to play with my big boys.  One from a family of 9 and the other my nephew.  They had a lot of fun on a nice day.  Unfortunately I did not get outside as much.  We are re-arranging the house.  Calvin is now in the old boys room (and it is super cute with the mural on the wall my friend AJ painted about 4 years ago - blue tractor in a field with a barn, tree, giant pumpkin, and big sun - I'll put a photo up next round).  The two older boys scooted across the basement and are now in the old junk pile/my old office room.  I am now up in the nursery.  Strange really.  I was hesitant.  I was worried I'd feel sadness over ending the nursery room.  But, it can always go back - though Joe is not in agreement so probably not :(  However, at the same time, while moving it all around I realized it wasn't the sadness over not having another baby, it is sadness over my babies moving on and getting older.  That is what is the hardest of all.

Joe did point out how smooshed the carpet is that was in front of the crib.  "Hours spent here".  I thought is was sweet he was thinking about it.

Anywhoo, here are some pics from our day: Cal playing with boy toys (I still catch myself reflecting on my fear that he would be so different from Ev and Nol - nope!  He even makes a motor noise when he drives them).  And, some pics of the boys at lunch and Nol and Cousin Collin taking a much needed bath after an hour in the sand pile.

 Evan discovered a loose tooth on the way home.  He is eating an apple to try and get it to come out!  Very exciting!  He also got a new molar a month ago.  It is fun to feel excited about these things the way I did when he reached milestones as a baby/toddler.


  1. So fun to have you back...and picture, YEAH! Missed you in the blogging world! :)

  2. Ben loves boy toys too. So fun!

  3. Love the picture of Cal playing cars...I remember actually tearing up the first time I noticed Russell playing cars, because it was then that it hit me that he was just a regular little boy.
    I have missed you in the blogging world as well, looking forward to more posts from you :)