Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Wrinkle in Time

Is eating healthy truly an art?  How about playing healthy?

I do know I feel good about making things myself.  I may save money.  I will not save time.  Or will I?  And what does that mean?  The clock ticks whether I stand still or run.  Whether I laugh or cry or hum or grumble.  

How will I spend this time spent in construction?  With a boy leaning over my shoulder?  A boy running in and out asking with anticipation, "Is it ready yet?"  Maybe, just maybe, if I make something myself, the health benefits will give one of us another minute here on earth, another minute away from a clinic.  Maybe.  

Maybe not.  Life is not designed for us to be able to unwrap its gift ahead of Time.  Instead we have to choose how to unravel it.  One large piece or slowly, bit by bit.  Delicately.  Pulling back the tape, respecting the paper and the work of the Hand that went in to creating it.  We can be joyful and give thanks.  Or, we can be impatient, whiny, demanding, complaining.  We all have reasons to be both.  

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