Monday, November 19, 2012

grain free waffles

As a part of my GI work (2nd post coming next) I am learning a lot more about grains and our health.  My new lifestyle of eating has reduced my 8-10 servings of grains per day down to 1, maybe 2.  This was a huge stressor.  I love grains, gluten free or filled.  The good news is there are ways to enjoy foods that usually are made of unhealthy grains.

These waffles are perfect because I feel like I am not giving up so much, and, it is healthier, so I feel good about what I am eating and what I am feeding my family.  Calvin loves them plain, like I do.  Sometimes we add a nut butter (which I will post a recipe for in the nearest of futures).  The boys do request butter and syrup.  So, I plan to work on maintaining organic dairy in the house for them along with low carb alternatives to the usual high sugar filled foods, like syrup.  Baby steps people!  Change is not easy and to make it successful, slow down.  One thing at a time, including the process of learning!

Maria's books are great.  I also have Wheat Belly I plan to read shortly.  In there I will find out how much wheat has changed over the last 5 decades and why it is causing so many problems.  It makes me think about the field work going on outside my home.  I am surrounded by tractors discing in corn stalks to help them break down.  Genetically modified corn stalks.  Those do not break down as quickly as ones that are not modified.  Let me ask, what do you think your body does with all that genetically modified corn syrup in most foods?  I'm not sure either, but the decrease in mental, emotional, and physical health makes a person wonder...ignorance about what we are eating is not blissful.

On a very positive note, I am feeling slightly better than I did a week ago.  My doctor said it will take months to heal, this is how homeopathy and natural medicine differ from the medical model of symptom management.

Here is my grain-free waffle recipe, adapted from Maria Emmerich

 Click on the photos to make them larger.

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