Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's So Typical, 1st Edition

GI Journey Part II is being put on hold for this special, 1st edition of "It's So Typical". And, tomorrow is a special post a'comin.

Often times I catch Calvin doing something that gives me butterflies, because it is just so typical (last year was the discovery of pulling off his own socks whenever the opportunity presented itself).  I know these things are no big deal and perhaps even unnerving, but there is something so joyous in it with Calvin.

Exhibit A) The case of the kleenex

"Maybe if I act thirsty or read a book she won't notice the mess I've made."   

"Better yet, clean with them."

I take care of my 5 month old nephew a few days a week, which leads to Exhibit B) Playing with his 'chew'; A.K.A. pacifier

Exhibit C) Bonding with brothers, especially Nolan (as has always been with these two).  Today Nolan declared liking being home because Calvie misses him...

When Cal sticks out his tongue like the pic above, he is humming as his motor noise.

A blurry one below because I couldn't decide if I should take a picture of this unexpected lone rider or run and catch him...he did perfect!

 More bonding:

Exhibit D) Getting in to cupboards.  Uncle David will be installing new handles that will serve as vessels to locking this boy out of the cereal cupboard!  Here he comes to beg!


  1. Toddlerhood drives me crazy with the constant messes, but it makes me smile because Hailey is doing the exact things her big brothers did!!!

  2. Love all the pictures! Cal is such a delicious little butterball!

  3. Man I love those photos! So amazingly adorable.

  4. the big question is.... did you give in to the begging and hand over cheerios??

    1. Ha Ha. Nope. Poor kid! He'd eat from morning til night if I let him. Not the worst problem, but something that requires management, patience, and strength!

  5. These pictures are fabulous! Calvin has the cutest chubby cheeks, just seeing photo's of him make me smile :)