Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Whole House

There is a lot going on in this whole house.  The boys are at Karen's (childcare) for today.  I have spent more time than I should cleaning even though it is necessary, and I have a lot of business work to do.

However, I have been thinking a lot about blogging over the past few weeks.  Mostly a nagging feeling that I need to!  Calvin is so amazing and I have moments every day that I want to share with people.  I want to scream to the world that this boy is so much more than I could have ever imagined!

He was not well last week which has made the past couple of days all that much better.  So, I will try my best to re-cap the past month or so:

Medically speaking, Calvin is very healthy.  He had a cold in February that resulted in a double ear infection.  Yeah, remember the ENT visit and the non-existent tube and the other one that was plugged?  Yeah, remember the ENT saying things were fine but to call when/if they did not continue that way?  Well, the day he started the antibiotics (unfortunately my goal was not met: the one where I did not want him to be on one this year) we scheduled another tube replacement.

New and improved tubes went in February 25th.  These tubes have come to market that past year or two and have an extra 'arm' so the hope and thought is they will stay in longer.  Also, the ENT informed us that Cal has regular sized tubes in as his canals are an average size.  That does not necessarily mean anything, but that was nice to know.

After surgery Calvin came down with a cold that consisted of mostly coughing and now there is gunk coming out of his ears - the tubes are working!

He also battled a stomach bug all last week.  I kept thinking it was his lungs that were dragging him down as the throwing up and yucky diapers were not really consistent and correlated with a lot of drainage from the cold.  Anyways, he is back to feeling good and we are thankful.

Developmentally speaking, Calvin continues to grow and shine.  He LOVES Signing Times videos and asks for them usually after he eats (which helps us transition as he usually fusses when I cut him off - which is most every time he eats).  He can now sign (let me see if I can remember): zebra, lion, elephant, monkey, gorilla, cow, horse, pig, goat, sheep, chicken/chick, dog, cat, bird/duck, fish, snail, lizard, farm, drive, bus, train, boat, car/truck/tractor - using the drive sign, bike, stop, go, all done, more, please, banana, drink, eat, hot, and probably more that I am just forgetting.

When Calvin signs he makes sounds.  For dog he says "da", pig he snorts, hot he says "ha", gorilla he says "aaaaa", and more.  When he drives toys he forms a closed M and hums.

His play is great.  We have magnetic animals (thank you whoever got them for him for Christmas - I cannot remember so sorry, also) and he walks the cow around on the couch.  When we say words he knows he signs them.  When we refer to Karen's dog Sadie just by saying her name he signs dog.  Also, when we read books and he sees food, he takes his thumb and pointer and pretends to grab the food and eat it.  He is really funny also.

Calvin still crawls for the most part - the bear crawl actually, and very fast.  He be-bops in the room turning his head slow and exaggerated as he crawls, like "Look at me!"  He is a character, which is fun to see.  Lately he has been forcing fake laughs.  The older boys really laugh with him and those three have a tight bond.  Exactly what I wanted!

Calvin is really taking off with mimicking.  The older boys were rolling around my parent's living room and he watched them and then laid down and rolled also.  He and Joe have this "hum" sound (like taking a bite of food) with a big open and closing of their mouths they do as a sort of interaction between them.

Educationally we are moving forward with Calvin.  He is starting to transition from Birth To Three to the public education system.  I have made a decision for his year next year that I will share another time.  This is getting to be a long post and I only covered a few things about Calvin.  But, lets face it, he is the reason for this blog!  I am continually grateful for my experience at being able to raise a child with Down syndrome.  It is a true gift.  I will post this for now and work on photos - I promise!  I am very busy somehow ;)


  1. I love the update. But you know what I'd love more? Photos!!! I love that boy!

  2. Way to go Calvin!!! He's got some awesome older brothers to help teach him and two wonderful parents who love him and each other too!!! God chose Calvin especially for you and your beautiful family! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Loved this Calvin update :)

  4. Great update on Calvin and I agree--more photos!! Sounds like he's doing well and I can't wait to hear about his transition from Birth to Three.