Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please come visit me!

My new site is live!  It is far from complete.  Needs a few tweaks at the moment and lots of back blogs from photo sessions.

I will be busy and active there so please come visit!  I have a section titled "Personal" on the home page.  That is where my latest Ailts Family posts will now be.  I intend to bring a lot of this information there.

I am working on new supplementation with Calvin - another blog I will be writing very shortly.  I wanted to also take this moment to say we officially have a walker!  Calvin still does a lot of crawling as it is fast for him.  BUT, he is doing a lot of walking and even going in circles or carrying things.  He fell and bumped his head on the bed as he was walking by it.  It left a bruise on his forehead.  I felt that made it pretty official, right?!

I'll never forget the lasting open wound on Nolan's upper lip as he was learning to walk.  Ouch!  Evan?  Well, I don't remember that as much as his using walking as a tool to beg for food during his first birthday party.  One person to the next.  I miss those days.  AND, I digress.

Come visit us at www.ilisaailts.com   I'll be happy to have you there!  Please say 'hi'!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Hi!  I'm sorry for the neglect!  Really though I'm not neglecting, I am working on the new site and it will be ready to launch within the week!  Then I will blogging there :)  I will share here when that is ready.  This site will stay as it is for now and maybe will eventually just collect dust and be available to those who run across it.  I will never completely delete it and might also try and print it all off in its own little book.

Enjoy a video of Calvin waving good-bye as he always did when I was on the treadmill.  I wanted to make sure to get it on video, which is a good thing because this was the last time he did.