Kids Say/Do The Darnedest Things

1/22/13 - Listen
Nolan has the cutest sayings and I have a poor memory.  Bummer is I rarely get here to write down what he says!  Like, asking him how I would get a new arm when he said I would loose mine (can't remember why though!).  The doctors have them and they just glue them on....

It was so cute today.  He had a green popsicle he found deep in the freezer as I was distracted by a couple of other smaller boys (Colten and Calvin).  After he ate it I found the wrapper and stick on the counter and asked him if he washed his hands.

"Yes, I did, but they didn't listen!" (they were stained green)

10/9/12 - Bugga
Nolan has been a bugger lately.  I had to be harder on him than we liked last night after he refused to eat what I made for supper: saying he didn't like it (which does not fly with me - it is rude and ungrateful - I want them to learn that early on).  So, he went the rest of the evening without eating.  He always had the choice to eat what was still on his plate, but that was it.
So, tonight after I picked him up from Karen's he said to me "Pretty soon I not gonna be a bugga anymo".  Loved it!  Too cute.

3/18/12 - Pool
At the pool tonight:
Evan: "Mom, I know how to spell 'pool'.  P-O-O-L, like poop, but with a 'l'!"

3/10/12 - Books
Tonight during book reading time, Nolan was asked to pick out the next book.  He pointed to one and said "lets watch this one".

2/19/12 - Africa
Evan: "Mom, when I get older I'm going to work in Africa.  I'm going to take pictures and fix animals.  And, I'm going to swing them around."
Mom: "Swing them around?"
Evan: "Yeah. I'm going to hold on to them and twirl."

2/2/12 - Curious
Nolan: "Mom, you know what George's name is?"
Mom: "What?"
Nolan: "Curious!"

1/30/12 - House
Evan: "I wish our house was made of money and candy."
Mom: Me too...

11/28/11 - Party!
We saw a house lit up with Christmas lights tonight on our way home from daycare.  Nolan shared an idea: "I want to go to that house and have a party and eat cake!"

11/28/11 - Jesus
I asked a class of Kindergartners who helps keep them safe.  A little girl proclaimed, "Jesus"!

11/11/11 - Nolan antics
Nolan is so sweet.  He is randomly coming up and telling us he loves us.

He is also going around saying "Michael Michael Motorcycle".  I did not know he knew that little saying.  I have a brother Michael and he is not fond of that little rhyme.

10/11/11 - STOP
After Evan got his PJs on, he informed me that he knows how to spell 'stop' with his eyes closed!  He proceeded to close his eyes, "S-T-O-P".

10/11/11 - Talkative
On the way home from River Falls, Evan was talking a lot.  Nolan was trying to get in his 2 cents as well so I asked Evan to let Nolan talk.  "But I have lots to say!"  Clearly!  Evan usually has lots to say.  Sort of like his mom.

10/11/11 - Chicken!
On the way to River Falls to get our bikes, the boys and I were playing "Tricky Things About Animals" which is like 20 questions.  I asked Nolan what animal was black and white, lived on a farm, and was big.  He smiled really wide, "chicken!"

10/7/11 - This Cough
Evan has a cold and a cough.  He said to me yesterday, "This cough just really sucks. All I want to do is sleep but I can't."

 Normally the kids do not talk like that, but it was warranted.  Coughs are evil!

10/5/11 - Share Time
For share and learn time at school Evan was to bring something that is a sign of fall.  He chose to bring a gourd.

He said to the class, as he held up the gourd, that we did not have many gourds this year so his Grandma Jo Jo gave him some.

Some of the kids started laughing.  Evan to them, "If you be quiet I'll let you touch it, if you don't be quiet then I won't let you touch it".  He reports it quieted them down a bit.

Finally, he told us the kids thought "Grandma Jo Jo" was funny.  We talked about how other kids do not know or have a Grandma Jo Jo.  Evan does not think it is funny.  Bless his heart.  And, he handled the situation very well.

9/18/11  - Good thing...
There are so many things coming out of my boys' mouths.  Some good, some bad.

This morning it is raining and cold.  Nolan declined my offer to put a hooded sweatshirt on him.  So 10 minutes later Evan came running in saying "It is raining.  Nolan is cold so I am getting him his sweatshirt."  Then he paused, looked me straight in the eye and said "Good thing he has a big brother!"  So true Evan.  Nolan is blessed to have you, and so are we.

8/22/11 - Proud of Calvin
Evan: "I am so proud of Calvin.  He can clap, wave, and (Calvin starts crying while I am diapering him) cry!"

8/10/11 - Free Willy
Whenever Grandma Jo Jo sees Naked Nolan (which is often) she calls him Free Willy, to which he replies "I Noonan" but does not stop and look at her or anything.  It is as though he's not even listening until he replies.

8/9/11 - Nolan's antics
Nolan is talking more and more.  He will be upset about something and say with a gruff voice: "I so angy!"  He is in the stage where his words are not always clear and often leaves out the 'r's.

I was holding him in the store yesterday (he loves to cuddle like that) and he told me "I miss you at Bible school."  My heart melted.

8/6/11 - birthday
Nolan woke from his nap and we were heading out to his cousin Nevaeh's birthday party.  He knows his birthday is coming up because when I asked him what he wanted, he told me "candles", refering to candles on his cake.  When had been telling him about the birthday party and upon waking he asked "my birthday?".  I told him "no, Nevaeh's".  He responded with: "awwww, when my birthday??"  I could squeeze him with how he wears his heart on his sleeve.  We are looking forward to a big birthday for Nolan very soon!

8/4/11 - girl baby
Evan told me "we still need a girl baby".  I had to run in the house for something and when I came back outside he asked "If I don't have a girl, who's going to feed the babies?"!  He continued to ask about who was going to help take care of Nolan and Calvin, too!  I had some explaining to do.

7/17/11 - hotdog (gross but true)
Potty training Nolan. Outside. "Nolan, what are you doing?"  Nolan's bent over, "nothing".  Mom: "you can take off your underwear and poop in the grass." Nolan: "oh!  Okay."  Nolan poops.  "Eeew!  Disgusting!  Hot dog!"

7/15/11 - boobies
There's something about kids:
Mom to babysitter (17 year old female): Would you mind feeding Calvin when I'm gone?
Evan: quietly walks over to Mom, "Is she going to feed him with her boobies?"
Mom: smile, "No, his solid food"

6/2/11 - Barf
Evan received a card and stickers from his Sunday School teacher, Barb.  I read him the card and after finishing he was saying "thank you!" and then asked "Why is her name Barf?"

5/29/11 - so dangerous!
Nolan was crying and wanted his blanket that was still down in his crib.  He went down and fell on a couple of steps.  I gasped and went down to check on him.  Evan followed and asked what happened.  I told him and he proceeded to stop his feet and exclaim "this bedroom is so dangerous!"

5/24/11 - dandelions
Mom: "I am going to mow today."
Evan: "Awww, don't mow the dandelions!"

5/18/11 - Little Falls
Evan picked me two little purple flowers and handed them off saying "here Mom" so Nolan bent down and grabbed a hand full of last fall's crispy brown leaves and handed them to me saying "here Mom".

5/2/11 - 6 years old
Evan was on his way out the door:
Mom: "Ev, pull up your socks before you put your shoes on."
Evan: "They are huge."
Mom: "Yeah, I think we should put them away until you are older."
Evan: "I like them.  When people see them they'll think I'm 6!"

4/28/11 - Little
Naked Nolan sat in a dump truck and indeed said "I little".  Yes you are, Nolan.

4/25 & 26/11 - early morning antics
Nolan joined us in bed at the early hour of 5 am on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday: Nolan enters the bedroom, "I so sirsty, Momma!"  I go and get him water.  He was without dee-dee (blanket) and went back down to bed.  I went to bed.  A couple of minutes later he arrives with dee-dee in tow.  I move over and beckon him to lie next to me; hoping and praying I can get another hour of sleep.  Nope.  Calvin started squawking.  Nolan turns towards the baby monitor, "Sssss!" (his version of shhhh!)

Tuesday: Nolan enters the room with his dee-dee so I again move over to make room for him.  He lies down and starts to fake snore; "hgggk sheeewwww".

I seriously love this kid!

4/14/11 - muddy mess
Evan asked for water to bring out and make mud so he could build a bird nest.  I agreed since I remember so fondly the days of mud (I believe the messier the kid gets the healthier and smarter he/she is).  Well, he brought back in a bowl that had a small amount of perfect mud, gloves caked in said mud, shoes dripping in said mud, and door handles left decorated with said mud.

I said to him: "Evan, I'm not so sure I'm going to let you do that again (at least not with my bowl and nice weather to hose him off in)".
Evan's reply, in an exasperated voice: "Next time I'm going to have a grown-up help me; someone who knows how to make a mess".

4/1/11 - nipples vs. boobiesCousin Nevaeh was over for a visit and I overheard the following conversation taking place on the couch in the living room while I was in the kitchen (I caught just the tail end of it):

Nevaeh: "I have nipples, too."
Evan: "You have nipples and when you get bigger you will have boobies?"

I am so happy I do not have to relearn some things in life.

3/11 - hugs

Chrissy stopped by on a week day to visit me and the kids.  Evan got home

from school and she asked him for a hug.  He said "No," so she replied,
"Okay, as long as I get one before I head back to River Falls."  Between
lunch time and naptime he stopped and gave her a hug at some point.

When naptime was approaching he asked her to read him books.  As they were
finishing up he asked her, "Are you still going to be here when I get up
from my nap?"

C-"Maybe, I'm not sure."

E-"Awww, too bad I already gave you a hug...because if I didn't, then you
would HAVE to stay until after naptime..."

3/10/11 - look at what I found
Evan (outside): "Mom, come look at what I found."
So, I followed him over to a rather large puddle of melted snow.
Evan: "I have to go in there and get something."
He proceeded to play in the water, cuz he had to!  And Nolan did, too!

3/10/11 - painting
Evan came home from school declaring he was going to paint like Grandpa and "I'm going to do a perfect job".

2/14/11 - more ketchup
The boys were finger painting today and Nolan asked for "more ketchup".  Too cute.

2/14/11 - questions
Mom: "Nolan, are you sleeping?" (In the car on the way to get Evan)
Nolan: "No."
Mom: "Are you tired?"
Nolan: "No."
Mom: "Are you cute?"
Nolan: silent, nods 'yes'

2/13/11 - onions!
Joe and I went to Sam's Club and bought the large quantities of blueberries and kiwi and tomatoes and I was telling Evan I was thinking of him and got those for part of his Valentine's gift.  He excitedly asked "onions?"  What kid is looking forward to onions?  Evan has always loved them.

2/2/11 - Go home with Grandma
My parents came to visit tonight and when they were leaving, Evan was finishing up in the bathroom, which usually triggers a need for Nolan.  He decide to zip up, said "no potty 'day, go Grandma house".  He was going to tag along.  I just love the 2 year-old-talk, especially when he says "mamma".

1/31/11 - Go that way!
Nolan (driving around a red matchbox car - I notice he likes red): "Go that way!" Then in a different, higher pitched voice: "No, go that way!"

My Play Therapy training in me cannot help but think about our many drives when he tells me to go one way but I have to go the other.  He gets quite upset!

1/20/11 - Too hawd
Nolan wore underwear for the first time today.  He does not mind sitting on the toilet for our hourly potty breaks and I always encourage him to try both peeing and pooping.  He is a willing participant but when he pushes he stops and, with his chin up in the air, exclaims "too hawd!"

1/10/11 - life and death
One of the hardest questions for me to answer is in regards to death.  Evan tends to ask me questions about life and death.  He did tonight. (I may have forgotten bits and pieces to this conversation.)
Evan, before bed: "Mom, how many babies are you going to have?"
Mom: "Well, I have 3, you, Nolan, and Calvin."
Evan: "No, you have 4. Me, Nolan, Calvin, and Dad."
Mom: "No, Dad was in Grandma JoJo's tummy, not mine."
Evan: "Who's tummy were you in?"
Mom: "Grandma Linda's."
Evan: "Who's tummy was Grandpa Ray in?"
Mom: "Your Great-Grandma Sykora's.  She is dead now, you never met her."
Evan: "I never saw her?"
Mom: "No. People have babies and get old and die and there are new people and new babies."
Evan: "Who made the first people?"
Mom: "God."
Evan: "When we die, do we turn in to ghost-es (like how he says gorg-es)?"
Mom: "I don't think so, some people think so.  When we die, we go to Heaven and be with God." "Who told you that about ghosts?"
Evan: "Grandpa Ray.  Is Grandpa Ray smarter than everyone?"
Mom: "No!" (He teases Evan that he is the smartest man...I'll have to have a chat with that Grandpa!)
Evan: "We die, then we float to Heaven?"
Mom: "I think so.  I really don't know everything.  I wish I did."
Evan: "When we go to Beaven (yes, he said Beaven), do we get buried there?"
Mom: "No."
Evan: "Are there ever going to be anymore dinosaurs?"
Mom: "No."
Our conversation died (no pun intended) off, but I know I do not like talking to him about this, because it is something I struggle with...

1/3/11 - feedings
Mom: "I have to feed Calvin."
Evan: "With a bottle or your boobies?"
Mom: (not wanting to say "with my boobies") "I'm going to nurse him."
Evan: "What's 'nurse'?"
Mom: "Breast-feed."
Evan: silent
Mom: "Feed with my boobies." (I did not want to say that!)

12/28/10 - Ennon-isms
Nolan calls Evan, 'Ennon'.  "Air'd Ennon go?"  "Ennon tupid." (after they have a fight, I am trying to break that one!) "Ank ooo, Ennon." "No, Ennon."  Nolan has a deep husky voice, it is very fun having him talk (or sing) to us. 

12/21/10 - hitting
"Nolan hit me more than I hit him!" (Evan said that, not me!)

11/3/10 - sucker snuggle
Evan going through the bag of Halloween treats: "I'm going to put these suckers with the other ones so they can snuggle."

11/3/10 - Mike
Too cute, Uncle Mike was out bow hunting by our house and stopped to say 'hi'.  Nolan keeps talking about Mike, he even knew it was Mike and said "Mike" without any prompts.

October 2010 - mole
Nolan has discovered what a mole is and he calls the parts where the ties are sewn in on the backside of his blanket, moles.  I guess that is a blanket mole! (that is hard to explain)

October 2010 - pump
The boys have re-discovered Grandma Linda's baby doll and Evan was taking care of him and said "now I need to pump, then I need to do all this work".

10/5/10 - No Mommy
Nolan can be heard saying "No, Mommy!" during all sorts of activities, even when I am in another room! *sigh* He's always challenging me.

9/24/10 - Jim
I brought the kids in to work (school) and saw Katie there subbing.  Evan asked, "What are you doing here?"
Katie: "Teaching gym"
Evan: "Who's Jim?"

9/2/10 - cold
Mom: "Evan, since you were cold at school today, would you like a long sleeved shirt for tomorrow?"
Evan: "No, my butt and wiener were cold."

(Evan was first down the slide at recess)

8/29/10 - swimming vs farting
We went out on the pontoon with Uncle Dan and Aunt Doopie yesterday.  Doopie was teasing Evan about swimming to the shoreline and saying she bet he couldn't do it.  He fired back with letting her know that he might not be able to swim, but that he could fart!  Yes, lets focus on what we can do, not what we cannot.

8/10 - I wish
As I was pumping one morning and the boys hung out in the room with me, Evan told me "I wish I was a girl." I asked why, assuming the answer would have something to do with pumping.  However, he just said he was sick of being a boy.

8/1/10 - air conditioning
Evan has been wanting to take showers all by himself.  Joe handed him some soap and after he rinsed off he asked for "air conditioning".

7/19/10 - taking care of Nolan
Nolan and Evan were waiting by the door to go out.  I still had to get Nolan's shoes on.  Evan hugged Nolan and told him, "Oh buddy, I'm going to take the bestest care of you my whole life".

7/4/10 - baby talk
I had an appointment today in Woodbury. When the nurse hooked up the heart monitor, she said something about the sound of it and it reminded me of a time I brought Evan along to an OB appointment when I was pregnant with Nolan. The Dr. was listening to his heart and Evan said "I hear a choo-choo train!" Evan has lots of cute things to say about this baby. One of my first OB appointments I explained I had to go and get the baby checked. He asked "to make sure it isn't crying?". Lately he asks if our baby is going to be as little as this or that and he gets so excited. We were putting away 0-3 months clothes yesterday and he sat there looking at some of it saying "cute".

Week of 7/4/10
Evan's word of the week - proud
I was taking apart the couch downstairs and moving it around to vacuum up the cereal and other snacks. I found a few toys as well. Evan hopped up on the couch and gave me a big hug while saying in a very serious tone, "I'm so proud of you".

He was also picking ripe tomatoes out of the garden yesterday morning. He found 8 and said, "Dad's going to be so proud of me". Indeed he was.

7/1/10 - leaving Nolan at Grandma Jo Jo's
Nolan said "bye bye Mom" for the first time

7/3/10 - snack time
Evan: "I'm sitting right here eating my cereal." (outside)
Mom: "Yes, you're right by the spirea."
Mom: "Spirea, sort of like spider, but it's spirea."
Mom: "Spirea."
Evan: "Spirea.  It sounds like diarrhea."


  1. haha I like these quotes! Its fun reading about what they say :) :) xoxo Love you all!

  2. Ughhhh I CANNNOT stop laughing! I love these!!!!!!!!

    At this point I think the one about Evan wanting the suckers to snuggle is the cutest of them yet! Although i also like the one about the pumping HAHAHAH :D :D :D

    ahhh I need to get back to my homework now so I can get out of the library! It's 1AM! :/:/

  3. love it love it love it. If it makes it easier, we call it booby milk! or Boogie milk as Dempsey says