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Welcome to my little Resource Center*.  Here I will attempt to share my personal experiences along with some other information I have run across in my journey with Calvin.

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From my experience and what I have read most others say, your child will play with the same toys his or her typical peer would play with, maybe just a little later AND a little longer (which allows more use out of toys).  It is also a good idea to get toys that respond to your baby as it will encourage them to keep playing with them.  Work with your child's therapist for advice on mid-line (in infancy primarily) and what to be focusing on when.  Therapy based toys tend to be pretty expensive.  Check with your Early Intervention program as they may have toys to loan as well.  The following links are ones I have bookmarked which address play/toys:


What does Down syndrome 'look' like?
  • Visit Verity's tutorial here
  • Interestingly, people with Down syndrome have similar physical characteristics. However, they are much more than the way they look:
See Me For Me

When you look at me - 
What do you see?

When you look into my eyes
   Do you see beautiful blue,
   sparkling with joy, delight
   in my accomplishments
Or do you see that "almond shape"
   or "brushfield spots"?

When you look at my hands
   Do you see them reaching
   for toys, writing the alphabet,
   throwing a ball, doing a 
   meaningful job
Or do you see a "simian crease"?

When you look at my face
   Do you see the resemblance
   to my parents, that I have just had
   my hair permed
Or do you see a "flat face" or
   "epicanthal folds"?

When you look at my behavior
   Do you see my feelings of
   pleasure and anger, my desire
   to achieve, my frustration in
   being treated like a baby
Or do you see the "stubbornness"?

When you look at my development
   Do you see me playing with peers,
   participating in sports, growing
   into a productive adult
Or do you see "low muscle tone" or 
   "the eternal child"?

When you look at my family
   Do you see loving parents wanting 
   to challenge me to my ultimate potential,
   sisters and brothers who have a better
   understanding of the differences in us all?
Or do you see a family torn apart by my
   difference, constantly in crisis, unable
   to accept, never to feel the joy of
   having a "normal child"?

What Do You See?
Look At Me.
Look Closer.
See Me For Me.

Written by :
Donna Roll
Dedicated to
Mary Ellen Graham
Founder of the DSAGC.


*I am in the process of creating this link.  Feel free to explore, just remember it is not complete.  Simply click on the phrase to go to a new link.  It is likely I will be linking up my own posts. Also, if you have anything to add, just leave a comment.  Feedback will be appreciated, so I know if this is doing any service or not.  Also, there are many things I do not know about I could/would add.  


  1. This is a wonderful post, Ilisa, thank you so much for working on this! Have you read, "Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do" yet?

  2. Thank you Susanna! No I haven't! I am very interested and will look in to it.